The Goal

Whenever someone puts money aside for investing, betting, saving or keeping for a rainy day, they’ve set some kind of goal for their potential wealth. With Bitcoins high exchange rate and phenomenal growth the goals people are setting could be huge, buying luxury cars, paying off the mortgage or taking that dream holiday. The first goal I want to reach is much smaller, and I think very achievable. I want to pay off the credit card. It’s 1 of the worst kinds of debt there is, huge fee’s you can never get on top of and no matter if you owe nothing or it’s maxed, in terms of loans the bank always regards it as the cards limit. Our card is $5,000 and pretty much remains maxed because of fee’s and interest eating away at whatever I throw at it. It’s fitting that 1 Bitcoin is also worth approx $5,000 AUD, so the day I earn my first full BTC will be the day I can pay off our credit card! After that who knows! What’s your goals?


Another question

A question that’s asked pretty often is whats the risk?

For those that know me, know I don’t have lots of money to throw at things. I have a wife, 2 children and 2 more on the way to support so money isn’t exactly overflowing for us, but when you see something like this is proving itself for friends it made it a whole lot clearer for me that I had to give it a go and now it’s working for me too.

I’ve lost money in the past on conventional investments. I lost a considerable amount when Dicksmith went into receivership and that was another factor I personally considered. I thought, if a well known and respected company like Dicksmith listed on the ASX can belly up and I loose the lot then everything has a risk to consider and there’s no real difference in a company that’s been around for decades or 1 that’s been around for 12 months. Sure I knew there were risks involved in share trading I just had thought even though times were tough with DSH that it’d pull through.

Best advice I could ever give and I’m is sure most would agree, don’t play with money you can’t afford to loose. For a small price you can dip your feet into USI-Tech’s automated trading and see the results for yourself. I’ve lost more on SportsBet than 1 pack costs and unlike a bet where you get paid out once, here you see a daily return over 140 days. It wouldn’t matter if you bought 1 pack, 10, 50 or 100 packs I invite you to see the results clear as day in your own dashboard.


First Post

Hello everyone,

My names Allen, and I’ve created this blog/site to share with you my story and journey into the world of buying/selling Cryptocurrencys. As I continue learning new ways I will add to this page and share what I’m doing and what is working and also not working. Myself and 1000’s of others have taken the plunge after we have all done our research and our risk assessment for our personal circumstances (I encourage you to do the same) and joined up with USI-Tech. In a nut shell they have an automated trading system where trades are made in Crpytocurrency’s and claim (personally proven) a return of approx 1% daily on your capital which is paid back to you in Bitcoin (BTC). If you don’t know what any of that is, don’t worry it’s not as hard as it all sounds and my plan is to help you understand all that. I wouldn’t be doing all this work if I didn’t think it was worth it! I have been seeing the results that USI-Tech suggests since day 1, so why would I not want to share the opportunity? To see a short presentation that will better explain everything head back to the home page.

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