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Firstly wow! USI-Tech just had it’s 1st year anniversary and celebrated it at the UK Conference. Some HUGE and EXCITING news was announced that has just gone absolutely viral!! If you haven’t signed up already after this you’ll be kicking yourself that you hadn’t done it sooner. They now have their own coin! Tech Coin has been released to registered members back office for purchase before it hits the exchanges. At a cap of 1 Billion coins it’s going to have a great impact on the longevity of USI-Tech. I’ll be grabbing my stack of coins asap and you should too. They are bringing out USI-Tech branded ATM’s where members will be able to withdraw BTC, Buy packs, check balances and also have their potential member sign up safely and securely. If that’s not enough to get you moister than a Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake, they are bringing out a Forex Package similar to their existing BTC Package. If their existing packs are anything to go by, the Forex packs will be a great BTC companion and offer some fantastic returns. There’s been some refinement to the commission structure working, %’s are the same but now you will require X amount of direct members with X amount of packs to get further levels. This makes for a much more viable and stable stable system IMO and all of the ney sayers and skeptics should take note.

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Keeping Up

Hi again Everyone,

Since starting this page I’ve been amazed by the response from people. If there are any suggestions please feel free to drop me an email, a message on Facebook etc, I’m always available to listen. I want to say sorry in advance because I feel I should be updating and adding content on a more regular basis. But if you’ve read the first few posts, you know I have twins due in December and between work, Bitcoin, life and baby proofing I sometimes run out of time. Again really appreciate everyones interest and please drop by our Facebook Group and join in 🙂


The Hard Truth

I want to share something a friend has written and someone who has been doing this for a lot longer than myself. This is a post he has just put on his wall and he’s given permission for me to share it. This right here is what it’s all about. In my time I’ve seen dips but I’ve also seen bitcoin BREAK its record high TWICE. It’s long but worth the read. If you haven’t decided yet, it’s always the right time.

Truth about why I mine Bitcoin

👀This is the first question everybody wants answered. Let me explain this in easy terms.👀
Let’s do the Math
If you were to buy packs equivalent to 1 bitcoin you would spend $7215 at todays price and it would buy you 90pks. If you then compound your returns 100% for 1 yr you will end up with 584pks which is 6.25 bitcoins, worth a total of $45093.75!!! This is if the price of bitcoins stay at todays price for the whole year.

📉Now if bitcoin was to drop by 50% in that year and was only worth $3607.50, you will still end up with 6.25 bitcoins but the value of them will be $22546.87!!!!!

📉Lets look if it drops by 75%…its now only worth $1803.75. You still have 6.25 bitcoin and it will be worth $11273.44 so you are still infront by $4058.44!!!! This is fantastic and certainly no loss.

📈On the flip side, what if bitcoin increases like its predicted to….if it goes up to $10,000 your 6.25 bitcoin are now worth $62500!!!

📈if it climbs higher to say 15000 which experts feel is very possible in the next 12mths…your 6.25 bitcoins will now be worth $93,750!!!!!

👉The main point i am making here is that with compounding your returns, it makes no difference what bitcoins price is doing…you will still end up turning 1bitcoin into 6.25 bitcoins in 280 working days (1yr) and if the bottom falls out of the price, which is highly unlikely but not impossible, you are still going to make money!👈

📝These results are simple maths…you will still get the same % growth on smaller starting figures…i have just kept it simple working on a whole bitcoin value.


Day Trading!

So as you’re aware, I have a healthy affection with USI-Tech, it’s been doing everything they claim and the effectiveness and updates that come from the heads (CEOs) is very informative so we can expect a big future from them. Since I have this level of comfort of a long term return it’s really allowing me to step out and get amongst the day trading and a few different coins to HODL. This keeps everything exciting! If you want to keep it local to AUSTRALIA instead of lining international pockets then you can’t go past . It’s a great exchange offering a wide selection of coins and being Australian will allow you to directly deposit your $AUD to begin trading, which means LESS FEES and double handling associated with using overseas exchanges and wallets. On the topic of overseas Exchanges you can’t look past It has everything you need, 50% discounted fees when you purchase BNB (cheap as chips!) a fantastic completely FREE Pro version which really gives you everything you need for trading and then some!

STAY TUNED and follow to stay up to do date! I’ve been thinking about a making a competition in the near future!


Keeping Busy

I’ve been a bit tied up between moving houses, working and still trying to learn a lot of new things in the Crpyto world. Lately I’ve been getting very excited about day trading on markets.

Day Trading

I’ve been using and having some little successes here and there. Nothing huge, keeping it simple while I find my feet. I suggest if this interests you because Binance is a fantastic platform to learn with. I won’t be giving out trading tips, as I’m no expert. I’ve just chosen cheaper options and sold in a day or 2 when the price has risen, nothing technical.

New Automated Systems!

I’ve also been looking into other automated systems out there and you’ll see now another option in my menu to check out a bitcoin tumbler service. If you aren’t ethically challenged, and want HIGH returns then check out what I have to say about it. I ask about ethics due to their “tumbler” service being best related to money cleaning/launder services, which everyone eludes to the fact it could attract unsavory characters. Their service is quite fun to use getting your returns paid out every hour in smaller amounts that make up your daily of approx 4.9%. Cryptocurrency has this stigma that it’s secretive and only bad people use it. I think that stems from peoples lack of knowledge about it, and speaking in general, people are afraid of what they don’t understand.  This is just another service offered by a new company that’s making big waves.

In summary, I’ve been broadening my investments and spreading out funds to hopefully achieve the best security and returns possible. Check out the menu at the top of the page to see more.

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