Bitcoin set to Explode

Bitcoin is an unstoppable Beast. It has broken so many barriers throughout it’s time and reached unbelievable heights, can it ever be stopped? It’s pegged to reach $18,000USD by end of 2018 and it’s already reaching over $8,000USD before this years end. With this in mind I’m glad I got in when I did and to others, it’s never too late. It might not be as easy as buying your slice of bitcoin for $10 and sitting on it for a few years like so many people have successfully done in the past. Hindsight is wonderful, but for those of us late to the show there are still ways to safely increase your holdings in Bitcoin and end up with a healthy slice of the pie, even enough to retire for some.

For the past months I’ve been getting daily returns and steadily increasing my holding, while I sleep, eat, work and go about life. Nothing required of me, all automatic. You can use Bitcoin to pay for things in your daily life easily, Bpay bills online, use Eftpos cards just like any others to pay for things directly from your bitcoin wallet. If you want to know more, feel free to join us in our facebook group or to not waste any more time sign up now.


Fork This!

Segwit2x was talked about all year and as it neared the finish line of implementation it pulled the pin quicker than Nick Kyrgios walks off the court. It’s hasty stage exit left a lot of traders high and dry that had over invested into Bitcoin as they had tried to cash in on the split. This has had flow on effects since hence Bitcoins price corrections of late. Today Bitcoin was toppled in it’s long reign as King Coin by it’s spin off Bitcoin Cash as the most traded asset over the 24hr period. There’s still a considerable way to go before a new coin will take reign with Bitcoin set at $6500 USD and Bitcoin Cash testing waters at $1000. I’m still in support of the Real OG 🙂


Pyramids – Don’t Judge so Quick

Many people are quick to judge something they don’t understand without taking the time to investigate further. Because you’re offered a commission for referrals doesn’t make it any different to large scale companies like Avon, Tupperware, Kyani or any other of the many house parties people throw where a bunch of woman (and men) sit around watching presentations of products and the host benefits from each sale made, the presenter gets their slice and so on it flows. Looking at these opportunities open mindedly is the best and in my opinion the only way to approach any of them.  With the small $ amounts to buy in to many of them the perceived risk associated is far outweighed by the rewards.

To dismiss an opportunity purely because you may not fully understand the product on offer will lead to you missing out on the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Take the time, ask some questions, become comfortable knowing the product. I’m offering this opportunity and am happy to answer any questions as always.

Be smart about your choices. things to look for.

  1. Choose a platform that has been around for a while, not 1 week.
  2. Choose one that has a Coin/Token or ICO about to hit the market, these will give added stability to the platform
  3. As tempting as a daily return of 5%+ Be realistic, that is not sustainable for any business (just google what happened to people who used Bitpetite $1,000’s lost by all). Stick to a safe 1%-2% daily

Something that ticks all of these boxes is USI-TECH. Celebrating their 1 year anniversary last month, Delivering their Innovative TECH COIN ICO recently, a 24/7 worldwide call center, future proofing in mind, dedicated ATM’s being prepared for roll out. And just recently a complete overhaul of their website infrastructure – where they didn’t disappear like Bitpetite!

For the people who still aren’t convinced, contact me and lets discuss it further. let me show you how it really is working.

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