How To Create Online Wallet

This is the Easy part!

Think of an online wallet like a bank account and quite secure too. There’s loads of wallets out there. A wallet is a place you can deposit real $$ currencies into and most (including CoinJar) offer an in house exchange facility to swap your$$ to bitcoin or some offer even multiple cryptocurrencies. Since I’m in Australia, I like CoinJar and using the link below we can both benefit from receiving Coinjar points. When you sign up we will each receive points which go towards FEE FREE transfers. CoinJar gives you 3 deposit options and I like the security offered by using Bpay from my actual account or for an instant transfer I’ll choose to deposit cash at a local newsagent. Nothing against Poli pay but i don’t know enough about it to want to trust it yet. So use the link or just google bitcoin wallets and you will find a plethora of options. Coinjars verification process is simple and effective, and of course with anything if there are any questions ever feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best.

My Preferred choices are below but feel free to find your own or use an existing wallet.

CoinBase – USD Based deposit options for                          CoinJar – AUD Based and 3 deposit options for  Australians

AUS limited to instant credit card