Tips and Learnings

If there’s anything more I have to give it’s what I’ve learnt along the way. So learn from my mistakes to get earning quicker, hassle free and maybe even more lucratively.

1st. Always have some $$ in your wallet. Bitcoin is up and down daily it has high highs and sometimes low lows. Time it right and you could pick up some extra BTC when it’s having a bad day. (week of 11/9/2017 great example, dropping nearly $1000 in price, only to recover in the following days)

– Adding to the above once you get to the point of bringing BTC back to your wallet don’t rush, find a price your happy with.

2nd. The verification process for your Wallet and USI-Tech are important. I had my USI-Tech verification denied due to my license being blurry. Get someone to help take your pic unless you have a great selfie camera. This could set you back days and like above you might miss out on those golden chances.

3rd. Fees!! Like any standard Bank, there’s always transaction fees. Don’t leave yourself short, it’s critical to keep in mind when transferring funds. If 1 package costs $75 put $85 into your wallet because there’s an exchange fee (1%) on your Wallet and then there is also fee’s when you transfer (send) your BTC to USI-Tech, similarly when you send it back vice versa. Can’t blame them all everyone gets a piece of the pie.


Too be continued…